Your initial consultation with your therapist is as important as the therapy itself. Your therapist needs to know exactly what they are treating since the only contact they normally have with you is via text, social media, telephone call or email.


Why do a consultation?

You may believe that giving the extra time, be it 30, 45 or even 60 minutes of your day is a waste of time. However, there is a great deal that needs to be discussed in this initial session. For instance consider the following:

  • You will learn about hypnotherapy, what it is and isn’t. How it works and what you can expect from the session
  • Building trust and feeling relaxed is imperative to the success of your forthcoming sessions
  • Heath issues that may prevent you from being hypnotised must be disclosed and be discussed
  • There is no such thing as a silly question, or too many questions and often these revolve around feeling apprehensive and you wanting some reassurance from your therapist
  • What you want from the hypnotherapy session must be made clear to the Therapist as well as what you really want to achieve.

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