Online Sessions

 Due to the implementation of the nationwide lock down, it has become impossible to have face to face hypnotherapy sessions. For this reason I am available to carry out online sessions with my existing clients and any new prospective clients, using most, if not all the video chatting mediums. Once the pandemic is under control, online sessions will still be available for those who would prefer to use this medium 

Online Hypnotherapy

The national lock down has been extremely restrictive for all of us and the social distancing requirements debilitating. Unfortunately people’s ability to seek hypnotherapy for assistance has been, and is equally impacted. For this reason I am offering online video sessions, that can be done using any of the many video platforms available. The best of all is this can be done from the comfort of your own surroundings at home.

Online therapy does not spell the end of face to face hypnotherapy sessions that may be preferred by some and these will become available again as an option, as soon as the lock down restrictions permit.

Online Session Preparations

In order to make your experience as comfortable as possible during our online session, make sure the equipment you will use is working correctly and ready for use during the session. This is usually done the day before and again just before we start the session. Do the following before the start of the session

  • Make sure you are in an area where you feel safe and comfortable
  • Make arrangements not to be disturbed
  • Plug the device you are using into a power source and make sure it is fully charged
  • Position your device so that you can see me clearly. When using a mobile device, ensure the device is stable and not moving around
  • Have some tissues and glass of water at hand
  • Use earphones during the session as this will cut out background noise and help you to focus
  • Visit the bathroom before the session begins
  • Most of all breathe deeply and relax


  • If we get disconnected during the hypnosis session open your eyes and relax
  • I will reconnect immediately on the video platform we are using
  • If I cannot reconnect I will phone your mobile device directly

How To Get Connected?



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Google Meet

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