Obsessive thoughts and compulsions can be challenging to deal with, but there are several effective ways to manage them. One of the best ways to stop obsessive thoughts is to address your anxiety overall. This can be done by seeking therapy, practicing meditation and mindfulness, and finding ways to distract yourself. It’s also important to acknowledge your thoughts and recognize the patterns and name them. Accepting that it’s out of your control but manageable can also help.

Another suggestion is that recognizing harmful thought patterns is the first step in learning how to stop obsessive thoughts. By increasing your awareness of obsessive thinking, you can find better ways to cope with thoughts as they arise. Work on how you react when you find you’re thinking obsessively or engaging in compulsions.

I hope these tips help you manage your obsessive thoughts and compulsions. If you need further assistance, please contact me via my Get in Touch page https://www.dragonflytherapy.co.za/contact/.


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