Smoking and Hypnosis

Smoking and Hypnosis

Why is it when we decide to give up on habits that no longer serve us well, that we so often fail at these attempts and eventually we get back to where we started? The truth of it is, we have a conscious and subconscious mind and unless you align the two, the new behaviors or habits won’t work for you.

Can hypnosis help you to stop smoking

A fine example is that of giving up smoking.

Logically, we understand what is good for us and what is not. We might make a conscious decision to stop smoking but unless we know the triggers that cause the need to smoke, the conscious and subconscious mind will still be misaligned.

Digital Detox and Hypnotherapy

I recently went out to dinner with a good friend of mine and whilst we were having dinner I noticed a family in the restaurant, two young boys and of course Mom and Dad. They were celebrating the birthday of one of the boys.

So why did I notice them?

Not for one second from the time they arrived, did they look up from their iPad’s and iPhone’s to converse with each other and that really got me thinking.

In our technologically advancing society, digital addiction has reached epic proportions. Children, who should be playing with a ball, exercising their growing bodies, are stuck behind digital screens, like zombies!

Parents who should be parenting and socializing are also glued to their screens using the excuse, “I am so busy”.  Staying busy is easier than taking time to pursue what really makes us happy human beings. Start thinking about removing the words I am so busy from your vocabulary and start making the conscious effort to think of more productive and healthy ways to spend your time.

Remove all the alerts on your phones unless they are about the safety of your friends and family. By removing the many alerts we get, we wont be constantly distracted by them and we wont be encouraged to check social media as often.

Finally, if you want to know just how addicted you are, do a digital detox once a month, where for one day of a weekend, you only check your electronic devices once in the morning. Warn your close friends and family that this is what you are going to do on a particular day so that you are assured, if there is an emergency, you can be contacted another way.

Addictions or habits respond really well to Hypnotherapy if you find it is too difficult to deal with an addiction yourself.

How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

Many people who seek hypnotherapy often introduce themselves using their name when attending their first session with their chosen Hypnotherapist. The second most common question they ask is, “how many sessions do you think I will need”?

Before a hypnotherapist can determine an estimated timeline regarding how many sessions a person may need, it is imperative that the initial session is used to establish the personal details of the person as well as what challenges are being experienced. It is very difficult to say with certainty exactly how many sessions a client may need but it is helpful to give an idea of what to expect.

Goals and objectives must be set and these are reviewed, updated and be discussed at the beginning of each session to determine the progress being made and how many additional (if any) sessions are required