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I can only describe my journey through life as a colorful and interesting one. Ones life is never a straight path and my life has taken many twists and turns, some were dark, painful and lonely and others filled with light, laughter and love. I think my journey has laid a solid foundation to really understand that each person’s journey is unique to them and should be heard without judgement or clouded by my interpretation of my life.
Throughout my life, people have been my passion, and this has manifested itself in many ways from being an HR Manager, a Training Manager, a Master Mentor and a Life Coach to many people. I have worked in the corporate world for many years which has ensured that I have a solid foundation on what takes place in business.
My interest in Hypnotherapy started in 2011 when I read a book called “Journey of the Souls”, this led me to attend a course with SAMHA on Past Life Regression. It was over this weekend after successfully regressing my son that my passion for Hypnotherapy started to grow. I attended the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy and successfully passed an advanced level practitioners’ course in February 2014.

My Practice

I opened my part time practice in general Hypnotherapy in March 2014 with my mantra being:

“My goal is to guide you towards self-reliance so that you have full control of the life you wish to live”

Clients come to me from all walks of life, with their unique journey and as they put their faith and trust in me, I give them my complete attention with nothing but an open mind and many years’ experience dealing with people. I provide a professional, safe, confidential environment in rooms Venice Road Durban.

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I am an advanced level practitioner and member of the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA) as well as being affiliated to the Guided Meditation Therapy Insitute of South Africa  (GMTI). 

I fully participate in continuous profesional development courses and educate and promote the theraputic practice of hypnosis to others by taking part in the Body & Mind feastivals and engaging with all who wish to learn more.


For emergencies call 10111 or visit your nearest hospital

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