Dragonfly Therapy Durban

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between hypnosis performed at shows and hypnotherapy?

The hypnosis which is performed at shows is done specifically for entertainment purposes and hypnotherapy is used for assisted healing.

What can I do for you?

I have been trained professionally at the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA) as an advanced level practitioner. I practice according to a strict code of ethics and I am located in a safe and secure environment. I recognize that you are an individual with your own personality, life experiences and belief system. The definition of “normal” is left to you because it is how you choose to live your life, which is normal. I neither treat nor diagnose physical or mental illness as I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist.

What is a typical consultation like?

A consultation during which an overall assessment is carried out. The consultation includes questions on your family background, any medication prescribed for you, past illnesses as well as a host of other information. This is information needed to understand the “unique” you. Toward the end of the assessment I include a short hypnosis session that assists to put your mind at rest.

This sometimes includes hypnosis or a non-hypnosis technique called guided imagery. Subsequent sessions are conducted to bring about a solution to your challenge. The number of sessions required, depends on the condition being addressed and the level of commitment shown by you.